Develop Against the Latest UcompOS Build Without Needing to Download the Build

Each time I make a change of substance to the UcompOS Rich Productivity Framework’s core components, i.e. the UcompOS Portal or the UcompOS SDK, I roll out an incremental version update.

At the Downloads link, the most up to date releases of the UcompOS Developers Packages (which contains the UcompOS Portal client-side files and the UcompOS SDK) is available.

If you are actively developing and helping me find bugs and make improvements, the process of continuously downloading the developers package may get tedious especially as I am rolling out incremental updates fairly continuously.

I have devised a streamlined implementation model.

The way my development configuration is set up, the UcompOS implementation at represents an implementation running on the very latest, most current build of the UcompOS Rich Productivity Framework.

Now with your UcompId account, you can associate your UcompId with your own Dock Manifest URL.

When you log into the UcompOS Portal at with your UcompId, the authentication process will use the dock manifest URL that you have registered.

In this configuration, you may still have to make frequent updates to your UcompOS SDK files (I’ll be posting about best practices for that soon) but you would at least not have to go through the process of downloading updates to the UcompOS Portal.