An MXML Image Component That Loads Images With No Associated Policy Files

In a major UcompOS project I am working on, I am finding the need more and more to load images from various different servers where the destination servers often have no crossdomain.xml policy file.

I don’t want to use a back-end proxy to deal with this as that would be chewing up my back-end resources and bandwidth which goes against my grain especially when targeting a product for wide deployment.

I will post the code of the component below which should be very self-explanatory:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<mx:Image xmlns:fx="" 
			private var _legal:Boolean = true; 
			private var _url:String;
			public function get legal():Boolean
				return _legal;
			private function securityErrorHandler(event:SecurityErrorEvent):void
				_legal = false;
				var sprite:Sprite = new Sprite();
				var loader:Loader = new Loader();
				var loaderContext:LoaderContext = new LoaderContext();
				loaderContext.checkPolicyFile = false;
				loader.load(new URLRequest(url),loaderContext);
			private function load_handler(event:Event):void
				var loaderInfo:LoaderInfo = as LoaderInfo;
				var bitmapData:BitmapData = new BitmapData(loaderInfo.width,loaderInfo.height);
				var matrix:Matrix = new Matrix();
				var bitmap:Bitmap = new Bitmap(bitmapData);
				source = bitmap;
			public function get url():String
				return _url;
			public function set url(value:String):void
				loaderContext = new LoaderContext(false);
				_url = value;
				source = value;

Some things to point out about the component in no particular order:

  • You set a value of a URL to the image to the url property instead of the source property
  • A Boolean named legal has a false value if the content of the image was loaded using an assisting Sprite and Loader instance
  • The source property on an Image control is of a wildcard (*) type – if the value of legal is true, then source is a String and will have the same value as url. If the value of legal is false, then source will be an Object of type Bitmap

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2 Responses to “An MXML Image Component That Loads Images With No Associated Policy Files”
  1. judah says:

    Cool! Thanks! :) Will this get around those issues with smoothing not working when images come from different domains?


  2. It should because this method gives you access to the bitmap the image is comprised