Embedding Application Manifests Inside the Dock Manifest

As of UcompOS RPF build 0.4.3, you can now embed Application Manifests inside of your Dock Manifest.

The element of a Dock Manifest houses child elements, each of which point to the unique URL of a UcompOS Application Manifest file as shown in the following example:


Now, you can embed a element inside of an element in the dock manifest and include the full application manifest inside the element as shown in the following simple example:


Notice you also need to articulate a unique URL for the manifest file in a element – even if there is nothing at the indicated URL.

Also, the UcompOSGlobalManagerProxy‘s launchApplication() method now accepts an optional third manifest parameter of type XML that can be a dynamically generated application manifest.

Therefore, the possibility to generate UcompOS applications on the fly exists.

About Edward Mansouri
Edward Mansouri is the CEO and Founder of Ucompass.com, Inc., a company focused on building scalable and profitable e-Learning enterprises. His expertise is in building e-Learning software, as well as in building visual frameworks such as the Enrich Content Enrichment System and the newly announced UcompOS Rich Experience Framework. He has been working with Flash since 1998, building Flash applications since 2002, and working with Adobe AIR since its private alpha release in 2006. He authored the site AIRApps.net (later renamed to O2Apps.com) dedicated to providing leadership in building Adobe AIR applications. In 2010, he is building and releasing a new e-Learning platform called Educator 2 which is built entirely upon the UcompOS Rich Experience Framework. Since 1999, over 1,000,000 students have taken courses served with his original e-Learning platform, Educator 1.

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