Shared Object Model Implemented into UcompOS RPF

As of the UcompOS RPF Public Alpha Release 0.1.13 that I posted last night, there is a new Shared Object implementation model.

On the UcompOS Portal, there is a run-time Object that can be used to share information across multiple entities in a UcompOS implementation.

Note that at this time this is just a run-time Object.  This is NOT an implementation of the Local Shared Object that gets permanently housed in the Flash Player’s local storage infrastructure.

The UcompOSGlobalManagerProxy has three new methods: setSharedObject();, getSharedObject();, and getSharedObjects();.

I’ll describe each of them below:

public function setSharedObject(key:String, value:Object):void

This sets a property named key on the UcompOS Portal shared object and assigns it a value of value.

A very important point is that when this method is called, the UcompOS Portal dispatches a UcompOS Continuum event of type UcompOSGlobalManagerProxy.SHARED_OBJECT with properties of key and value such that each entity in the Continuum is notified when a Shared Object value is updated.  This could easily enable two disparate UcompOS Applications to update their interfaces in real-time according to model changes implemented by the other.

public function getSharedObject(key:String):void

This retrieves the value on the UcompOS Portal shared object in the property key.

The information is received asynchronously by listening for an SDKEvent of type UcompOSGlobalManagerProxy.SHARED_OBJECT and testing the value of the event object’s key property.

public function getSharedObjects(keys:Array):void

This retrieves multiple shared objects simultaneously.  Each member of the keys array is the name of a property on the UcompOS Portal shared object.

The data is retrieved asynchronously by listening for an SDKEvent of type UcompOSGlobalManagerProxy.SHARED_OBJECTS whose data Object will have a sharedObjects property that is an Object.  Each property name requested in the keys array is a property name in the sharedObjects Object with its value the value of the corresponding item on the UcompOS Portal shared object.

About Edward Mansouri
Edward Mansouri is the CEO and Founder of, Inc., a company focused on building scalable and profitable e-Learning enterprises. His expertise is in building e-Learning software, as well as in building visual frameworks such as the Enrich Content Enrichment System and the newly announced UcompOS Rich Experience Framework. He has been working with Flash since 1998, building Flash applications since 2002, and working with Adobe AIR since its private alpha release in 2006. He authored the site (later renamed to dedicated to providing leadership in building Adobe AIR applications. In 2010, he is building and releasing a new e-Learning platform called Educator 2 which is built entirely upon the UcompOS Rich Experience Framework. Since 1999, over 1,000,000 students have taken courses served with his original e-Learning platform, Educator 1.

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